Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Step Closer to Transfer!!!

Yesterday I went in for my baseline ultrasound.  It was CD2( Cycle Day) of our FET cycle and they were checking to make sure my uterine lining was thin( which it was) and that my ovaries were quiet( no big follicles).  Since I have been on birth control and Lupron everything looked good and quiet and my lining was 4.8

When I spoke with the nurse she said that as soon as the lining reaches 7-8 they will do transfer!  So I am now taking a lower dose of Lupron and Estrogen pills to thicken the lining!  I go back next Tuesday to check progress and will continue on this path for a few weeks or until the uterine lining reaches 7-8. At this point the nurses are saying the first week of April!! I think it will be sooner than they are saying because my lining tends to be on the thicker side naturally. 

I am getting so excited and trying to keep positive.   Roger keeps reminding me that up to this point we have received only good news and that we should just keep thinking positively.  I am definitely feeling different this time around so I hope that means something :)


  1. Good thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome and a beautful baby(s)

  2. That's awesome!! We will be transferring around the same time!! So excited for you!!