Friday, March 7, 2014

PGD Results

Good Morning!

Though this update comes a few days late it is great news and I want to share it non the less.

A picture of an expanded blastocyst- amazing!

After 10 days of waiting for our PGD results.  I finally got a message in my patient portal from the embryologist....

We had originally sent 11 expanded blastocysts to the PGD lab.

A PGD lab checks for firstly unbalanced translocations( which is the cause for my previous miscarriages).  They also check for missing or additional chromosomes and are of course looking for normal/balanced embryos or babies.

Our results were as follows:

5 came back as have unbalanced translocations :( ( our reason for doing IVF in the first place)

2 came back as missing 1 chromosome

and...drum roll please....4 came back as normal/balanced!!!!!!!!!!!

Such amazing news to read and share!

We are SO excited with this number.  I started my Lupron ( to suppress my ovaries) yesterday and I continue to take birth control for a few more days.  Once I get my next period I start Estace ( estrogen- the really fun stuff :) ) then shortly after we will have our transfer.

The embryos will be thawed because they are currently frozen as of now.  Once thawed the doctor will chose 2 of the 4 to transfer!  The remaining 2 will remain frozen until we are ready for our other sweet babies!

7 days later they do a blood test to determine if I am pregnant or not.  We of course are so hopeful for positive results :)

More updates as I get a set transfer date!


  1. This is such wonderful news! Dad and I are so happy for both of you!

  2. Happy, happy day!!! WOOHOO! This process has been pretty great so far and I am sure it will continue to go the same way! Continued prayers coming your way!